Why Defencely
Automated scanners are just the tip of the iceberg for what Defencely can do. We go well beyond your average automated scanning service or fly-by-night "online security operation" to actually fix the vulnerabilities the moment they're encountered.

Just look at the difference!

Automated Scanner vs Human Expertise

The Automated Scanner

In simple terms, an automated scanner works on the basis of algorithmic instructions. It sounds cool but at its core, the scanner offers limited functionality because of algorithm constraints. You can think of an algorithm as a specific set of instructions fed to the machine. If said scanner is programed to run and detect a vulnerability at your website from point "A", to point "B", it will do so only within these parameters and constraints, while leaving "C", which might be the most threatening element.

Beyond Automation to Human Expertise

  • We make use of is years of dedicated security expertise, experience and trend-forecasting to help us test and fix each client's website security while staying ahead of vulnerabilities and exploits.
  • We don't stop at simply reporting vulnerabilities. With your permission, we also go a step further to fix them so that the issue is solved immediately.
  • When compiled, all reports are displayed on your dashboard. It is clean, crisp and offers direct assistance help you not only understand a threat's imminent danger, but also provide the groundwork for fixing the issues.
  • Once subscribed, your online business, blog or website is frequently put to test by our expert Chief Technology Officers. This is to ensure quality performance and a quantitative analysis of any 0 Day Vulnerabilities that might be at the verge of a wider scale outbreak.
  • No "Zero False Positives" or false alarms. What we detect and report issues only when it is confirmed - minimal chances of duplication.
  • If your website is plugin reliant, Defencely takes the liberty to scan those plugins. If need be, these plugins are patched at the earliest possible moment.
  • Our rich experience is derived from working for top security companies and businesses in the internet world. Before founding Defencely, our experts were busy reporting security threats to GitHub, Google, Apple, Zynga, RedHat, ZenDesk and many other top companies.
  • Run unlimited scans. We will never bug you with registration or sloppy preselling tactics. At Defencely, you can run diagnostic scans without restrictions on the number of attempts. Afterwards, all steps taken to fix your website's security are strictly kept privileged, private and confidential.
  • Primary domains are always important when scanning them for vulnerable elements. What about subdomains at your website? Defencely is designed to also scan your subdomains with as much of an emphasis on security and protection as if it were your company's homepage.
Clear & Affordable Prices
Our business model is crystal clear. We don't nickel-and-dime you with extra fees or hidden charges. The entire pricing plan and what's included is clearly displayed at all times on our products page, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Suite of Services

As stated earlier, our services are second-to-none in the website security industry. Conventional web security "experts' vow to protect your website, or online business, by merely running diagnostic scans. Yes, such professionals do succeed in detecting vulnerabilities but it's doubtful they can actually remedy them.

It takes sound expertise, quick reaction time and vast knowledge to provide solutions to web security issues. Defencely personnel not only scan potential security loopholes, but they also take an extra step to solve those problems. The end result is complete protection from unforeseen vulnerability attacks that can quickly cripple sites on a widespread basis.

Defencely Benefits

  • 0 Day Vulnerability Detection ensures safety from unknown attacks on the very first day of your project launch.
  • Always on, always working around-the-clock to protect you – Our service never sleeps and never takes a vacation. We work tirelessly, always keeping an eye on the horizon for new potential vulnerabilities and conflicts, to stop them before they spread.
  • Our solutions are rock-solid. Hackers are on the lookout for easy targets. With Defencely, your website won't be one of them.
Defencely is driven by an obligation to strengthen online security parameters for websites large and small. We've made it our personal mission to make the web community a safer place for everyone, one step at a time. Shouldn't your business be a part of that?
Why defencely?
There are numerous online security services company. At least in that context, Defencely's primary intent is no different than others. What sets this company apart is a number of benefits that it provides to its customers at a wide scale level:
0 Day Vulnerabilities
Perhaps quite a tough feat to perform on behalf of security companies because they have to be on the lookout for unknown vulnerabilities. However, our state of the art technology and a blend of experts ensure detection of such vulnerabilities on the dot.
All in One Solution
Defencely does not segment its services and packages to rip off potential unsuspecting clients. Both 'Scanning' and 'Vulnerability Detection' are packaged in one module for customer benefits.
Obligation to Strengthen
Defencely is driven by an obligation to strengthen online security parameters. Unlike competitors, this company feels an urge to make the World Wide Community a secure place for the goodwill of fellow users.
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