Refund Policy
As a Defencely customer, you have the right to file for refund(s), or claim refund(s). We have a 100% satisfaction rate – and therefore our refund policy comes with 100% money back guarantee. Our intent is to serve our customers with exceptional value services.
We regret, and apologize that we have failed to satisfy you with your order. We would appreciate if you can take 5 minutes to give us a feedback concerning your experiences with Defencely. What would it take for you to consider using our services again? Feel free to drop a line or two to Defencely CEO directly at
Please take a moment to go through the appended policy. This is crucial to help you claim a refund, and for us to maintain a healthy customer relationship. To process your refund application, please send us an email at

You can also call us directly at 909-666-7763 during 9 AM – 5 PM (Monday to FridayEST)
Defencely Provides Full 100% Payment Refund in the event of:
  • During the tenure of your subscription, or service purchase at Defencely.Com, you encountered "errors" that prevented you from using the service.
    • In this case, the nature of the errors cover, but it is not limited to: vulnerabilities Related Errors, Server Side Performance Errors that are overall impacting your user experience, Lags and Delays.
    • If your scheduled Report(s)is/are not running on time.
    • If we were at fault, by delivering you duplicate reports, opaque reports and outdated vulnerabilities.
  • If you are experiencing issues with our customer support department, on the subject of communication from our side.
  • If we failed to deliver a solution to a vulnerability, or vulnerabilities, that both parties mutually accepted to solve.
Change of Mind Refunds:
Every customer has the right to change his/her mind during the tenure of using a service. Keeping this business ethic in perspective, you are entitled to receiving refunds from Defencely i.e. if you changed your mind at any time of using our services and/or applications.
However, the "change of mind" scenarios have to be convincing and/or qualify our Question and Answer/ Defencely Fraud Check Session with the concerned Defencely Admin. When a refund policy is in order, you will be asked to:
  • Either contact a Defencely Admin through a phone call, or a phone call will be made to you.
  • Either contact a Defencely Admin/ representative through email, fax or any other designated mode of communication.
    • While your refund application is being processed, we would like for you to state down the reason for claiming refund.
Fraud Check: The time period it takes for us to review your Refund Application is called a Fraud Check process. We have the right to run background checks, verification logs and or any other process at our CTO's discretion.
Please bear in mind that we will not be entertaining a refund application, if:
  • One of our admins or service providers detected a scam. We strive hard to provide impeccable services, but at times, some customers try to take advantage of a company's lenient policies. If, at the time of investigating or communicating with us, you did not qualify our Fraud Check procedure, your application will not be entertained
  • If you failed to authenticate your details at the time of claiming refund, or while communicating with Defencely representatives, support team, email responders, phone call attendees or the company's CEO (Mr. Ritesh A. Sarvaiya).
  • For convenience, be elaborate on your refund application by submitting your order number, accurate contact details as designated at the time of:
    • Creating your Defencely Account
    • Submitting your user info at time of Signing up for actual paid services
    • Submitting your user info at the time of filing for a refund.
  • A credit card or general charge backs case to scam us or incur a financial injury against the company.
You have the right to cancel your credit card, but a prior notification has to be made to us at our designated email ID.
Defencely maintains the right to change its refund policy with or without prior notification. Please make sure that you are up-to-date concerning any policy changes by frequently visiting this page -You have the right to do so.
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