Privacy Policy
Defencely is entrusted by its partners network, existing clients, and potential clientele. Therefore, we have the obligation to protect end user privacy as much as possible. The term "As much as possible" refers to reasonable degree of effort on Defencely's part to protect your online privacy while you are subscribed at Defencely.Com, while you are visiting Defencely.Com or while you are signed up as any level user at Defencely.Com We, based on visitor heat map data and their interaction/ feedback, always tailor our services. This allows us to cater to clients' needs in better way. We do not share, sell or exchange end user information with anyone, under any condition.
When Is End User Information "Leaked"?
If you are involved in a criminal proceeding, we are bound by Indian Court Laws to submit any necessary documents, which may or may not call for your information stored at our website. Defencely fully recognizes your right to maintain privacy. All information that is either provided by you, or collected by us, is kept safe behind our ironclad servers. To further maintain confidentiality, the information is kept secret through electronic security methods, and special file encryption that is especially designed by our Chief Technology Officers.
Factors that Govern Your Right to Privacy
Defencely privacy policy is not hard to understand. In fact, it is nothing to be feared of. Our writer wrote this policy to best maintain your interest, while successfully avoiding all the lawyer talk. Frankly, no one understands "lawyer talk" these days. It is best to keep our Privacy Policy simple, crystal clear and easy to comprehend.
Defencely privacy policy unequivocally protects you, your rights to maintaining privacy and our company at the same time. Altogether this policy guarantees an overall great business experience for all parties involved. Factors which outline your privacy policy at Defencely, are, but not limited to, following:
Information Collected by 'Defencely'
Whenever you are visiting ANY website, or using its services, you are leaving behind a trail of IP addresses, user information and etc. In this scenario, Defencely collects your information in the following forms as seen below:
   1. User Registration at Defencely:
To use our services in any form, and at any level of subscription, you will be asked for registration. User registration forms are used to store contact information at Defencely which includes: (a) Your First Name, (b) Your Last Name, (c) Company Name, (d) Job Title / Designation, (e) Business Volume, (f) Number of Employees, (g) URL / Webpage URL, (h) Contact Numbers (Cell, Fax, Landline) and (i) Address.
The above information generally outlines as to what is required at Defencely. However, it is not limited to or strictly defines the user information needed and, or stored by Defencely representatives. Please be as much accurate as possible when providing your information. This is to ensure healthy business relationship and helps us easily verify details at time of doing business with you. During the registration process, provision of Username and Password is mandated by Defencely protocols. Your username and password is kept secret, until and unless it is forgotten by you. We have no use of such info. You will be using your username and password to log into your personal Defencely Dashboard.
   2. Defencely Payment Information:
Payment information is kept safe at Defencely for multiple purposes. However, your information, such as (a) Credit Card Details, (b) Debit Card Details and (c) Bank Account/ IBAN Number. Any other information is only kept "safe" upon your discretion. If you are subscribed to any Defencely modes of payment, it is up to you to choose recurring billing or one time billing process. In recurring billing mode, your subscription will automatically bill your Credit Card, Debit Card or any other payment medium that you selected at the time of account detail updates at Defencely.
• Your payment information is SSL Certificate Compliant at Defencely
• Your payment information is stored in encrypted format.
• Your payment information is stored (when needed/ if needed) in remote files to prevent online theft/ fraud/    scams/ cookie attacks or any other uncalled for financial injury.
Your credit card information is not read by or used by human personnel at Defencely. It is encrypted and only sent to the Credit Card Company for:
• Payment Verification
• Payment Chargebacks
• Payment Buybacks
• POS Transactions
About POS Transactions: Defencely stores Credit Card and Debit Card end user info as Preauthorized Transaction List in its record for few days. This storage of information is mandatory for our accounts department to make sure that the payment is coming from a legit source. During the POS Transaction grace period, your information is kept secret and it is only, and automatically, shared with YOUR credit card company.
   3. Service Delivery:
During registration and services delivery process, Defencely online web security collects your information regarding:
• FTP Details Shared by You or Us
• Usernames (If Needed)
• Passwords (If Needed)
• Your Mail ID (No Passwords Needed)
• URL of Main Page and/or URL of Subpages you want to run scans against
The scanning process itself is also categorized as part of the Defencely services. During scan process, it is up to you to cancel the process by hitting the cancel button or refreshing the page, or stopping the process through Browser Stop Button. During services delivery, Defencely does not store your information at its server side through remote software installation or secret scripts.
   4. Your Defencely User Profile:
Profile data is created and stored at the time of account creation/ registration at Defencely. In addition, separate log files with time stamp are also created, which help us reflect user information at our end. Bear in mind that this information is crucial to verifying your identity if needed by Defencely service providers or according to requirements mandated by Indian Court of Law during the time of criminal investigations.
   5. Cookies :
A cookie is a very small text document, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier. When you visit a Web site, that site's computer asks your computer for permission to store this file in a part of your hard drive specifically designated for cookies. Each Web site can send its own cookie to your browser if your browser's preferences allow it, but (to protect your privacy) your browser only permits a Web site to access the cookies it has already sent to you, not the cookies sent to you by other sites. Browsers are usually set to accept cookies. However, if you would prefer not to receive cookies, you may alter the configuration of your browser to refuse cookies. If you choose to have your browser refuse cookies, it is possible that some areas of our site will not function as effectively when viewed by the users.
A cookie cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive or pass on computer viruses.Cookies cannot harm your computer unless or until used with a criminal intent; none of which we'll ever do here at Defencely. Cookie details are automatically stored at Defencely whenever you are visiting Defencely.Com or any of its subpages.
Whenever you cookie data is used, it is ONLY used to refine our services for you. This mode of information gathering is fully intended to personalize end user interaction based experience. If cookies are disabled, those Defencely modules that are compliant with latest browser safety plugins and overall safety standard on the internet, may not work. Third parties, such as Google Analytics also collects traffic data/ cookie data at Defencely. In this context, we do not have any control or authority over Google's mode of collecting information.
   6. End User Log Files:
Defencely follows the latest standard website formats, while keeping user security privileged over all modules. Our use of log files constitutes, but it's not limited to (a) IP, Addresses, (b) IP Addresses with Time Stamps, (c) Browser Types, (d). ISP Related Information, (e) Entrance Pages, (f) Most Engaged Pages/ Content at Defencely, (g) Exit Pages and (h) Demographic Information (In Broad Sense)
The aforementioned info is inclusive of, but not limited to user session IDs and IP address logs with country details. However, this information is barely used. When used, it is used for criminal investigations and to enhance overall general user experience for our subscribers and visitors.
   7. Email Addresses/ Other Info Via Communication with Defencely:
To seek general information and best online security services, you will be contacting Defencely via Direct Phone Calls, Emails, Defencely User Dashboard Emails, Defencely Contact Us Page and SMS Messages to / from Defencely respondents. In this case, the data collected is stored in form of content of the messages / conversations. We may or may not use your email address to investigate about how we can further improve our services for you!
Your Information – What, When and Why Is it Disclosed?
Non Personally Identifying Data or Otherwise Known as Aggregate Info. Aggregated information is gathered as user entrance pages, demographics, analytics data and etc. This data is used and shared by Defencely to establish partner relationship, business relationship and to add to our credentials. Your information is not disclosed by Defencely on a commercial level by any means. Same goes for 3rd party data sharing, which is not done by Defencely until needed in case of an emergency. This kind of information is shared or commercialized when:
      1. Affiliated companies and investor portfolios are in order. Only done after receiving your permission.
      2. Criminal investigation as per Indian Court of Law is in order.
      3. Police or law making authority requirements.
      4. 3rd parties that ask for your information AFTER verifying themselves and providing end user information           confidentiality agreement.
      5. With individuals and associates who are working with us pursuant to contract based agreements to           safeguard your privacy.
      6. With Defencely legal authorities in case a lawsuit is in order and company's integrity is at stake!
What Happens to Your Privacy Rights if Defencely Heads for Business Transitions?
What is a business transition? By general definition, a business transition is when Defencely merges with another company, merges with another company as per a Joint Venture, acquires another company, partners with another company or is acquired by another company or investor. In this context, the end user data is still kept privileged under confidentiality agreements between us and the opposite party. However, if Defencely assets are to be transferred to another company as part of the agreement, your information will be shared if needed.
Defencely Newsletters, Service Related Announcements:
It is necessary or sometimes necessary for Defencely to contact you for service updates, change of pricing plan and any other details. In this scenario, we will be contacting you through the email ID designated BY YOU at time of account creation or at time of contacting us. In case, we do not have your email ID, we will be contacting you through other channels of communication, such as; text messages, phone calls, MMS, our Facebook Fanpage updates, etc. This mode of communication is absolutely considered necessary in case Defencely services are undergoing core development updates, undergoing discount price plans, undergoing special packages for clients like you, undergoing maintenance or u ndergoing failure of services or services denial mode.
Customer Services Communications:
Channel of communication as established by you to contact you. We like to engage our users through feedback, surveys and emails to enrich end user experience. In any case, your information will not be used for selling or sharing purposes at all.
Link Exchanges:
Defencely contains links to other websites through blog posts at Defencely, blog posts at other websites, posts in Article Directories, emails to company associates and press releases (both on page and off page).
We always encourage our users to go through the entire Defencely Privacy Policy before establishing any kind of relationship with us. For a healthy, long lasting, business relation, Defencely encourages you to contact us for revisions to our privacy policy, or any other general details as seen, read or discussed as per this entire page's contents.
This Privacy Policy is the sole proprietorship of Defencely website. All its content is original, unless or until borrowed by its partners/ web associates. Your personal information is used by Defencely to safeguard overall and YOUR experience at our website. We are a family and we will keep on treating you as part of the Defencely family as long as both sides are mutually abiding by rules and regulations of our company.
In case, this privacy policy is needed for use at your website to promote your services, contact Defencely CEO for prior permission:
Violators Beware!!!
Violation of Defencely privacy policy will result in Termination of services with you and/ or your business associates, Termination of your user account and / or Suspension of your user account (until further intimation). We are always strictly monitoring everything. Being an online niche cloud security services provider, Defencely feels obligated to provide the best services possible. However, there are instances where we cannot guarantee safety of user privacy data and personal information. Such instances are, but not limited to Software services failure, Internet connection/ services failure at YOUR end, Internet related attacks at END/ Such as: Trojan horses, spyware, XSS attacks, Keyloggers already installed in your computer by someone, Hardware failure by/at web hosting company and / or Apache, Linux, Mac, Windows Server Errors
Notification of Changes to Privacy Policy:
Defencely holds the right to change the privacy policy at any time. If a change is in order, upon general user feedback, past history with clients, overall work experience with clients, Defencely will be updating this page.
Make sure that you are keeping tabs on Defencely Privacy Policy page to get up to date user experience. For further information contact us at : 909-666-7763
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