Join Defencely and Make Money While Making the Web a Safer Place!
Defencely offers sizeable margin to its resellers through a robust partnership program.
Unlike other companies' partner's programs, we take great pride in giving every Defencely partner a real influence in the direction and motivation of the company's growth. Here's how we do it:
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High Profit Margin
We don't go by the typical pyramid style reseller model. As a matter of fact, niche cloud security has a lot of potential for you to grow as a dedicated Defencely services promoter. Our partners program... Read more
Approachable Sales Model
Our partner program is fully customized for individual resellers, affiliate and promoters. Selling Defencely services is easy. Starts today by letting us know the package of your choice, and we will talk about agreeable terms, your cut and our expectations from each other.
Hop on to the Cloud Security Bandwagon
Each day, thousands of websites are hacked through brute measures, or mere developer side exploits. We need your penetrative promotional skills to make the internet a secure place for all end users. Take the plunge and let us know how you can render your partnership strategies for the betterment of online population.
Joining Defencely Partners Program is Easy as 1 and 2.
Because there is no step 3, Defencely partner program inspires great growth potential in its future partners. Joining our reseller program is very easy.
Step 1:
at Defencely for an official account, and Shoot us a Defencely Partners Email at partner (@) Defencely (.) com
Step 2:
If you are a high profile marketer, or an experienced reseller, contact us at partner (@) Defencely (.) com with a proposal.
We will get back to you within 3 business days through your on-file contact number, email address or any other designated mode of communication.
Defencely Partners Program FAQ
The Defencely Partners Program FAQ is to illustrate answers to general questions that potential partners often ask. You can always contact us directly for a personalized response at partner (@) Defencely (.) com
What are the Pricing Details for Partners Program?
Depending on the degree of performance that you can deliver as a reseller, our pricing details vary. We do not follow a specific model so as to allow maximum entry for any level of talented partners. If your portfolio/ proposal is promising, we will waive off a certain percentage to help you get comfortable with sales. For more details, contact us via a phone call or an email to partner (@) Defencely (.) com
Is there any Special Customer Support for Defencely Resellers/ Partners/ Affiliates?
As a matter of fact, yes, we do have a special support section dedicated to you We work hard with our partners to help secure the online community as much as possible – therefore we have a Support tab for you through your dashboard, a free 9 day trial to help you get the hang of it, and dedicated email support for 24/7 assistance.
Is there a fee for High Profile Partners and Seasoned Online Marketers?
We call it: 'Defencely Partnership Commitment' fee. This fee module is for potential partners who:
  • Can guarantee high volume of sales, scans or services to Defencely
  • Have an impeccable track record of past marketing campaigns
We will be setting up a customized portal for your clients and website visitors to help them scan their URLs in a way that's both seamless and profitable. For more details, contact us at partner (@) Defencely (.) com
Can I mention Defencely as "my security company" while I am Signed Up as a Partner?
Refer to Defencely Terms of Service and Privacy Policy page for details on reselling our services under "my company" name. We do not have strict policies against such actions as long as you are giving credit to us without obscuring the real source.
I'm interested, Is there any Minimum Eligibility Criterion to Become a Partner?
If you fit any one of the statements below, welcome aboard!
  • If you don't own a website, that's okay… for now. You need to have a healthy mailing list and some proof to guarantee reseller claims from your side.
  • If you have experience with any reseller or enterprise level marketing programs in the past.
  • If you have minimum technical skills but want to set up an online security service through a portable interface.
If your answer was no, you are still welcome to contact us at partner (@) Defencely (.) com. Perhaps the best business relationship is the one that is not limited to remote application forms.
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