This Defencely FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is meant to clear any doubts and questions prior to seeking out technical support. Do bear in mind that the FAQ section only provides general answers and not specific technical assistance. We encourage you to go through it, at least once because you are more than likely to find your answers here.
What is 'Defencely'?
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Defencely is an online platform designed to test and fix website vulnerabilities. We use the latest security detection and penetration protocols to test your website against a variety of vulnerabilities and exploits.
Once compiled, the test result report can be viewed in your Dashboard Activity Panel. We also send a separate copy of the same report to any email address that you designate at the time of creating report(s).
What is meant by Vulnerabilities?
A vulnerability can be any type of opening, gap or bug that allows unauthorized hackers, scammers or other knowledgeable individuals to compromise your website security and in turn leverage their experience to cause problems. These problems can range from mild annoyances to entire, crippling server-wide exploits.
Why 'Defencely'?
Unlike conventional security startups, we do not believe in simply running the scans and reporting the vulnerabilities to you. Our next step is to FIX the known/ unknown issues (0 Day Vulnerabilities) so that your business can thrive safely on the internet.
Is Defencely a Recognized Platform?
'Defencely' is an award-winning, well recognized web security company. Before Defencely was fonded, our security team won accolades and mentions from top tier internet companies including:
• Google Security Panel
• GitHub
• ZenDesk
• RedHat
• Apple
You can look up 'Defencely' website backlinks at security acknowledgement pages of the aforementioned companies.
Why Do I Need Online Security?
The question is not "Why" you need online security services; but "When" those services are needed. If you are running a popular website, administering an engaging forum, leveraging innovative ad networks or providing services – it is without question that you are 120% prone to various degrees of attacks.
At times, the attackers don't even have to manually/ automatically compromise your website security. If your website is using a popular platform such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento or Drupal, your website is already full of bugs and holes that anyone could exploit easily.
A compromised website isn't just a minor annoyance. It can cascade into a serious issue affecting all facets of your business, causing you to lose money, trust, goodwill and clients. In the most critical of cases, website security flaws can even initiate legal action against you.
What is a 'Zero False Positive'?
Just as the name suggests, 'False Positives' are like false alarms. They are usually common website entries masquerading as bugs or exploits. They won't do any damage and, more often than not, are completely harmless. Many low-tier security analysis companies attempt to scare their customers by presenting them with a list of false positives to give the impression that their website is riddled with holes (which they'll gladly fix for a premium price!). At Defencely, we don't engage in this kind of nonsense. We take great care to view these false positive alerts and test them for actual vulnerabilities, and only then do we report it if a true vulnerability is found.
What Kind of Vulnerability Detection and Fixing Does 'Defencely' Excel In?
We started out by following vulnerability regulations and benchmarks to establish a trusted name in the industry. All the OWASP 10 and various degrees of WASC 26 classes are adhered to. Beyond these common security threats, we always stay abreast of the latest exploits and vulnerabilities through our dedicated team of Chief Technology Officers and security experts.
What is the Next Step after 'Defencely' Detects a Vulnerability in my Website?
The first step is to report the vulnerability to you via email as well as your personal and private dashboard through which you can schedule and view reports generated by the Defencely team. At this point, we will work together to come up with a plan of action for resolving the issue and protecting the structure of your website so that the issue does not recur.
What is Defencely's Plan for Fixing Vulnerabilities?
Security solutions are only possible when both parties trust each other. Therefore, we ask our clients to provide us with their FTP details. Afterwards, we start uploading/ adding patches alongside instructions on how to apply them, i.e. if you are not able to apply the patch on your own.
This entire communication is channeled through secure emails that you designate. Everything is private and confidential.
Still Have Questions?
We'd be delighted to help answer your questions or provide clarification. Please call us at 909-666-7763 or contact us with your questions.
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