Defencely is a complete security solution for businesses of all sizes. Its solid reputation is built on its security processes that go beyond the use of scanner technology to detect vulnerabilities. Defencely takes pride in its topnotch Red Team of professional security specialists located across the globe whose state-of-the-art expertise can prevent, find, and fix vulnerabilities.
Ritesh A. Sarvaiya
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

At the helm of Defencely is a seasoned security project contractor for industry leaders. His outstanding leadership, professional excellence, and technical expertise are attested to by Defencely’s satisfied clients such as Apple, Google, Zynga, ZenDesk, and many other well-known corporate giants with massive online presence. He has a knack for spotting talent and world-class skill, polishing them brighter with excellent opportunities, and putting them together in a team that is now acclaimed worldwide for its foolproof security solutions. He is an acclaimed stalwart at the forefront of securing online business enterprises. Known for innovating online security solutions, he has stacked up a solid reputation in thorough and proactive online security.

Shritam Bhowmick
Shritam Bhowmick
Co-founder & Red Team Lead

He heads the acclaimed Defencely Red Team, doing application security research, coordinating technical operations for Defencely Red Team Labs, assisting in quality-based penetration test report management, carrying out application security research for the Defencely R&D Team, and tests application for statistical report generation. An accomplished online security expert, he also maintains a security research portfolio for Defencely to study the latest attack vectors in the application security arena. He spearheads a vulnerability research that keeps Defencely’s knowledge base current for regulatory compliance. He better serves Defencely’s global clients with detailed risk management insights and risk impact perspective on business assets.

Gagan Jattana
Gagan Jattana
Network Security Engineer

OSCP Certified

As a Network Security Engineer at Defencely and with a B.Tech in Information Technology, he firmly believes that the risks of technology are only proportional to the rise in technological innovation. He advises that one must save data under several covers. This is no mean feat for a non-technological person who may know how to use technology but is incapable of securing themselves from this very same technology. In the age of cyber-attacks, it is the role and responsibility of tech experts to help secure online information and communication. As an added caveat, he advises the younger generations to be alert in securing their information from hacking.

Grace Calderon
Grace Calderon
Content Developer

As a seasoned expert in the fields of content creation, content management, and content marketing, she has accumulated years of solid accomplishment in creative writing, technical writing, and marketing communications for clients across all industries. She has served government, non-government, and non-profit organizations, as well as multinational business enterprises. Her extensive experience in advertising, PR, and branding covers both online and offline client needs. She is a theatre director and a film producer. She is also a reputed trainer in development communications and a much-sought market and social researcher. Outside of being a communications conceptualizer and strategist, she writes both fiction and non-fiction.

Defencely was founded in 2012 with a lofty objective to deliver simple yet effective security solutions that can outsmart today's hackers, exploiters, and security threats. The company does not serve a specific geographical region or any online community. Rather, it is committed to the Internet, a boundary-less and boundless realm whose rewards only equal its risks. Established upon the basic idea that online companies should strengthen their security parameters, Defencely went on to create its mark in the online security industry. Its biggest concerns are to:
  • Reduce Latency
  • Detect Website Vulnerabilities at the Moment They Happen
  • Fix Issues as they Occur to Prevent Future Damage
  • Make Sure That Hackers and Exploiters are Constantly Frustrated
Defencely always posed a challenge to the other security providers on the Internet. In no time at all, its solutions grew popular among a multitude of users that range from start-up businesses to top-of-the-line online industry leaders. Users have given positive and encouraging feedback after having their websites secured against impending threats with such tools as 0Day Vulnerabilities. Some clients have even confirmed an overall 15% increase in site performance. Being a proactive online security provider, Defencely not only neutralizes hackers and exploiters but also helps users get rid of garbage traffic, thereby boosting efficient on-site resource usage.
The challenge was to recruit the right people even before packing up on the company’s arsenal of services. Defencely’s excellent leaders soon gathered a passionate and indomitable team of security experts. Today, the company is confident that it is way ahead of conventional security solutions, as it continues to expand in its online security service. Defencely’s state-of-the-art security team is committed to stamp out online security issues, and is undaunted by any security threat. This passion has given Defencely its Hall of Fame award and other recognitions from such online enterprise giants as Google, GitHub, Zynga, RedHat, and Apple.
We want to be known as a leader in the cloud-based security industry. We plan to achieve that by making it our foremost concern to protect your business, assets, and reputation. Our road ahead is paved with such concrete and doable strategies as keen and thorough cloud data security and management, excellent marketing tools, pure hard work, and wise financial investments. More than that, we are of the firm belief that ironclad security and a deep commitment to integrity are what truly separate good companies from great ones. Our work shall speak for us.
Our vision is to protect your online business presence. To that end, we also firmly believe that you, as the client, have the right to know that regardless of any device, location, or centralized platform, your online business is protected in real time from a cloud which is not only transparent to your clients but to you, as well. That is why we strive only for long-lasting solutions. Rather than a segmented approach, we have developed a detailed and unparalleled accuracy that stamps our mark on the Internet as an innovator of lasting improvements.
To fulfill our vision, the following are our unwavering commitment to our clients:
  • Client Website Security: Securing client website is the basis of all our initiatives. We aim to keep your website safe, secure, and protected from threats while you concentrate on what you do best.
  • Passionate Dedication and Cutting-Edge Technical Support: We don't rest until your security issues are fully resolved and structured so that future intrusions cannot occur.
  • Reliable Integrity: Adherence to strict ethical values and honest business practices enable us to deliver 100% white-hat security you can count on.
  • Enhanced Communication: We take your business seriously, so we provide direct one-on-one communication and resolution of challenges that are prompt and thorough.
We will remain unbreakable in our vision to assure that your digital presence is fully shielded and 100% protected against real-time security threats that can cripple businesses and ruin hard-earned reputations.
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